SALE: 10 BBL 2 Vessel Brewhouse

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10BBL 2 Vessel Single Step Infusion Brewhouse


Designed to produce wort from 9 to 15 plato with higher gravity capabilities.


It doesn’t happen very often but we have a 10BBL 2 Vessel Brewhouse ready to go directly to a new home!

This workhorse comes complete with:

  • Grist Hydrator
  • Lauter Tun with rake drive with grain out plow
  • Steam Kettle/Whirlpool
  • Process piping with manual valves
  • Control Panel
  • Liquor blending with totalizer
  • 2x pumps w/ VFD
  • Work Platform
  • Heat Exchanger

$75,000* CAD

To find out more about this brewhouse get in touch with our Brewery Sales team through email at sales@dme.ca, or by phone 1.855.629.1387.

*Excludes freight, taxes, duties.


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