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Meet the DME Elixr, an inline alcohol extractor. Grow your customer base by introducing the Elixr into your production flow. Turn your classic recipes into high-quality craft hard seltzer or explore completely new beverages that are only limited by you and your brewer’s imagination.

With minor recipe adjustments, you will be able to take your best-selling products and offer your customers alternatives like hard seltzer or non-alcoholic beverages adding revenue streams to your business.

Using the DME “Elixr” separation technology and patented proprietary membrane filter, take a fully fermented beverage (like fermented beer) and produce crystal clear hard seltzer and great-tasting, high-quality non-alcoholic (0.5% ABV) beer.

The Elixr is simple to operate using the onboard PLC control panel to manage the included pump to generate the required pressure for alcohol and water separation to take place, leaving a highly concentrated malt and crystal clear alcohol product ready for flavouring and carbonation. The concentrated malt will be reconstituted with de-aerated water to obtain your final beverage.

Perfect for batches of all sizes, the Elixr allows users to process small batches for one-off brews or testing by isolating the supplied membranes or utilizing all four membranes to process production runs in a timely manner.

DME Family members using the Elixr have expanded their product lines to attract new customers and give taprooms added beverage choices for customers who want alternative drink options.

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