Craft Brewers Conference 2020 – San Antonio, TX

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The CBC is a highlight each year for the team from DME Process Systems Ltd. but unfortunatly due to the COVID-19 outbreak we can’t come together in 2020. We still put a lot of time and work into putting together this showcase 10 BBL 3 Vessel High Gravity Brewhouse that gives you high volume production at a brewpub scale.

This system is in stock and available to purchase! Read more about this brewhouse below and reach out to the DME team to find out how this system could be in your brewery.

Brews in 15 Hours


  • Multi-Step Infusion
  • Capable of 4 Brews in 15 Hours
  • Full Wort Cast Out of 10 BBLs
  • Capable of Decoction Brewing
  • Capable of Kettle Souring in Kettle #2, While Being Able to Continue to Brew in Kettle #1
  • Manual or Air Actuated Valves
  • Manual or PLC Controlled Liquor Blending
  • Manual or PLC Controlled Wort Cooling
  • Glass Manways with Your Brewery Logo
  • Vessel Lights
  • Auto Grain Out

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