L’automatisation a amené l’industrie brassicole à un nouveau niveau d’innovation.

Chez DME, nous offrons à nos clients une large gamme d’options allant du contrôle minimal au brassage depuis votre smartphone.


Touchscreen is as easy to operate as a smart phone.

Graphical Representation

Process flow at a glance.

Ease of Expansion

PLC systems can be easily upgraded for improved functionality.

Alarm Indications

Sounds to indicate when an action is complete, or if there is an alarm.

Time/Cost Savings

Increased automation improves the process’s efficiency, while allowing the operator to multi-task during the brew.

Ease of record keeping

Batch tracking and reporting to reduce/eliminate brew log filing.

Remote Access

Conveniently monitor or control a brew from a computer or mobile device.

DME Support

Real-time troubleshooting and expandability via remote access.

Hour Logging

Track the pump and motor run times so you know when you need replace them.

Memory Function

Store recipes for consistent re-use.

Repeatability and Consistency

Lays out the steps to follow during the process. Improves the long-term quality of the product.


Track and trace batch parameters in order to determine source of product issues.

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