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Mailing Address
PO Box 553
Charlottetown, PE
C1A 7L1

DME Staff

Robert Bruce
Chief Operating Officer
Ext: 109
Cell: 416-578-2025

Bryan Carver
Technical Customer Service
Ext: 138

Nancy Chiasson
Project Manager
Ext: 202

Lucy de Jong
Director of Human Resources
Ext: 147

Marc de Jong
Director of Sales and Marketing
Ext: 105
Cell: 314-2618

Scott Gallant
Productivity Manager
Ext: 108

David Green
Chief Financial Officer
Ext: 227

Andrew Higgins
Brewery Sales
Ext: 111
Cell: 394-6666

Whitney Hooper
Director of Communications
Ext: 172

Heather MacAulay
Director of Marketing
Ext: 225

Shirley MacDonald
Accounts Payable
Ext: 228
Cell: 393-0355

Blair MacKinnon
Director of Manufacturing
Ext: 231
Cell: 388-0852

Mitch Malboeuf
Project Manager
Ext: 244

Denton Moffatt
Engineering Sales Director
Ext: 237
Cell: 393-9193

Rick Sorensen Young
Project Manager
Ext: 240

Mark Steele
Director of Technical Services
Ext: 107
Cell: 394-4465

Jordan Stetson
Project Manager
Ext: 115

Jared Stretch
Brewery Sales
Ext: 146

Peter Toombs
Ext: 223